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Ruaha National Park


The Ruaha National Park is situated in central Tanzania and is one of the country’s least known safari destinations. In this untamed wilderness of baobab forests and rolling hills, wildlife is prolific and tourists are few.

Few visitors make it as far west as remote Ruaha, but those who do are rewarded with fantastic game viewing in an untrammelled wilderness. After combining with the Usangu Game Reserve in 2008, Ruaha became the largest national park in Tanzania, and today sprawls for more than 20,000 sq.km.

The dramatic scenery of the park is a reason to visit in itself. Endless rolling hills and open plains are interspersed with groves of baobabs and rocky outcrops. The Great Ruaha River is the park’s main water source and flows along its southern border, bringing life to the dry landscape. Game viewing is particularly rewarding during the dry season, when the park’s wildlife herd around riverbanks to quench their thirst.

Ruaha boasts Tanzania’s largest elephant population – numbering over 10,000 – who share the park with herds of buffalo, zebra, giraffe, roan and sable antelopes, greater and lesser kudus and over 400 different bird varieties. Large prides of lion, leopard and cheetah hunt on the plains, and you may also spot the rare striped hyena and elusive wild dog.

In such a large park with only a handful of camps you won’t ever feel rushed during excursions, and you may find you have wildlife sites all to yourself. If an exclusive safari in the pristine wilderness of Ruaha interests you, get in touch with one of our specialists to start planning your tailor-made trip to Tanzania.