As you will learn on your fishing trip to Tanzania, it is typically conducted by trawling with two to seven lines trailing from the boats but if you would prefer to try fly fishing or bottom fishing like at Leven Banks and off the reef around Nungwi, you can discuss it with your boat captain. The boats also have a collection of lures for you to try.

Other techniques like spinning, jigging and popping are all possible. With Redunca Safaris, you could plan your angling holiday in Zanzibar year round with varied fishes caught like barracudas, wahoo, king and queen mackerel, giant trevally, kingfish and many more. August to November are the months for the yellowfin tuna and a good way to pinpoint their location is by looking for flocks of marine birds flying over sections of the ocean to dive and catch the fish that the tuna passed up on.